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January 20, 2014
UAE » Sharjah

  • A
    unique nursery in UAE where we teach native accent of both English and
    Arabic by native speakers.

  • A unique nursery which provides
    continuous practical training to greet people of different culture, to
    behave with elders as well as the same age group.

  • A unique nursery which will
    focus on healthy diet plan to the kids to avoid obesity and malnutrition.

  • A unique nursery which provides
    special classes for dance, music, yoga and painting.

  • A unique nursery which provide
    special classes for Holy Quran, Hadith and Thajweed under the supervision
    of Imam.(For those kids who are not opting dance and yoga)

  • A nursery with water play area,
    specialized gym, outdoor and indoor playing.

  • A nursery which focus in
    teaching western and Arabic mannerism.

  • A nursery which will be online
    during the working hours where guardians can monitor the performance of
    their kids.

  • A unique nursery which will
    update the reports of your child sickness either to your family doctor or
    the doctor associating with the nursery.

  • A unique nursery which will
    conduct academic and non academic trips each month under the guidance of
    our teachers and nannies.

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Sharjah – Al Falaj

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