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October 3, 2016
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ANWAR AL RAWDHA provides quality roofing services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. As ANWAR AL RAWDHA roofing provider, you can depend on us for repairs, installations, quality service, and affordable rates. Anything you need done to for waterproofing we can do it.

• Basement Waterproofing - We create a comprehensive solution to your problem, as every basement and situation is different from others and we need to know where the moisture could possibly come from.
• Roof Waterproofing - Roof is an important part of any structure that protects us from different weather conditions. But it is also directly affected by the sunlight, wind and rain so we need some measurements to protect it. We provide you mean which ensures that water is carried away from the building without causing any dampness in walls or roofs.
• Water Tank Waterproofing - Seepage and leakage in overhead and underground water tanks aid in the growth of algae and fungus and make your health and structure of tank weak and unstable. We not only prevent your structure from collapsing but also make the water tank safe for drinking.
• Swimming Pool Waterproofing - We use cement base products for treating leakage in swimming pool because they are ideal for such cases.
• Bathrooms & Kitchen Waterproofing - Water leaking into your bathroom’s walls and floors can alter its structure and cause damage. But won’t let that happen and will save your structure from damage, your interiors and your extra future expense.
• Wall Waterproofing - We provide both internal and external wall waterproofing. Whatever is the reason of dampness in the wall, we will find the cause in a professional way whether it is due to the cracks through which water seeps inside or it’s a damages plaster, we will find it and fix it.

• We also specialized in all kinds of Air Condition fixing and services, coating and flooring plumbing sand building painting works,

Please feel free to contact our Team if you require any Details regarding our Services.

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