EIWAA Marine Engineering Services Co LLC

April 23, 2016
UAE » Sharjah  » Rolla Area
Mechanical Services:
EIWAA Marine has a team of experienced and highly qualified technicians who can be mobilized internationally at short notice across the globe. We can provide various mechanical services at project sites and customer premises wherever required.
We are providing the following services;
• Spooling and De-spooling of Wire ropes(Upto back tension 7T)
• Changing of wire ropes at Cranes, Winches etc
• Winding and Re winding of Wire ropes
• De greasing/Greasing of Wire ropes
• Cleaning of Wire ropes
• Socketing of Wire ropes
• Installation of Wire ropes at Cranes and other lifting equipment’s
• Mechanical socketing of steel wire ropes
• Pull Out testing of Hooks and pad eyes
• Pull out testing of Anchor bolts

For future enquiries, Please contact :-,; +97165622290, +971508370740 +971505990128,+ etc.
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